About EnPowered

EnPowered is a Waterloo-based technology company developing new solutions
that can predict the energy market in advance and reduce costs for our customers.

Message from the Founder

I became interested in the energy industry when my parents’ farm got locked into a 5-year electricity contract. I knew that there could be a better solution, so I started EnPowered to help everyday consumers control their energy usage and costs.

I firmly believe that by putting the customer first, we will be successful. From the very beginning, we have aligned our incentives with our customers; no cancellation fees, no long-term commitments, complete transparency and honesty from beginning to end.


Tomas van Stee

Founder, EnPowered

EnPowered Energy Founder Photo
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Transparency and Honesty

EnPowered is committed to transparency and accountability. We always aim to ensure that our customers are confident that they are saving money each and every month.

Customers receive a Savings Report every month outlining their savings, and using our online Energy Portal, customers can track their results and access all of their information.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At EnPowered, we believe strongly in the power of technology to ensure our accountability to our customers, and also the power to deliver unparalleled savings by beating the market.

Our advanced market prediction software allows our customers to stay one step ahead of the market to maximize their potential savings, especially in demand response programs.

EnPowered Energy Portal Preview

Why Choose EnPowered

The EnPowered team is dedicated to giving our customers the tools they need to control their energy usage and costs. Learn more about what we can offer you.