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Many energy markets have demand response programs which incentivize businesses to reduce their electricity usage during peak hours, and Ontario offers one of the most lucrative incentive programs in the world. This is the Industrial Conservation Initiative, or the ICI Program, which is a government program that was introduced by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) in 2010.

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The purpose of this program is quite simple. Since it is very difficult to cost-effectively store electricity, nearly all electricity grids need to be built to meet the highest electricity demand of the grid, even if that level of demand only lasts for a single hour. For the rest of the year, the grid has excess capacity. So, demand response programs such as the ICI Program are introduced to incentivize businesses to reduce their usage during periods of peak usage. This then lowers the peak usage of the entire Province during these peak hours and allows the grid to be built smaller – reducing the total investment required in local electrical infrastructure.

The ICI Program changes how you are charged for your Global Adjustment (GA), a cost which is roughly equal to 70% of electricity bills in Ontario. Rather than being charged a $/kWh that you consume each month, you are charged a percentage of the Province’s total costs based on what percentage of the Province’s electricity usage you consume during the highest five peak-hours each year.

For example, if you are normally 1% of the Province’s electricity usage, you would be expected to pay 1% of the Province’s Global Adjustment costs each month. However, if you were able to reduce your usage during the five peak-hours to 0.5% of the Province’s electricity usage, your electricity costs would be cut in half.

Through these demand response programs, businesses are able to save an enormous amount of money. The difficult part, however, is predicting these peak hours in advance. This is where EnPowered is able to help. Using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, EnPowered is able to predict the energy market in advance, allowing our customers to beat the market and increase their savings.

Predicting the Market in Advance

EnPowered is able to predict the Ontario energy market in advance, allowing us to predict when a peak day is going to occur over a week in advance. This gives our customers significantly more time to prepare for a peak day, and they are then able to reduce their electricity usage even more during peak hours.

For example, our customers can schedule maintenance shut-downs or company off-sites during peak days. The graph below shows how our model can predict the daily peak electricity usage for up to two weeks.

EnPowered Energy Retailer Two Week Projections

Avoid False Peak Days

The IESO publicly displays their estimate of the Ontario electricity usage several days in advance, and many businesses in Ontario use these predictions to avoid peak days. However, the problem with using publicly available predictions is that the entire market is aware of them.

For example, if everyone knows that next Tuesday is going to be a peak, and everyone reduces their electricity usage on Tuesday, then Tuesday will no longer be a peak. This happens constantly, and the result is that even though there are only 5 peak days, many businesses are forced to reduce their electricity usage several dozen times each year. These are called “False Peaks.”

EnPowered’s prediction accounts for the market’s response to these publicly available predictions. As a result, our predictions are able to identify which days will actually be a peak, and which days are False Peaks. In general, EnPowered customers are only asked to respond 10 times per year in order to catch all 5 peak days.

EnPowered Energy Retailer Day Ahead Day-Ahead Projections

Pinpoint the Exact Peak Hour

On certain days, such as the hottest day of the year, it is fairly obvious that the Province will experience a peak level of electricity usage. The trick on these days, however, is pinpointing the exact hour. The ICI Program does not care about your usage throughout the day, it only cares about your usage during the exact peak hour.

Again, if everyone is using the publicly available IESO data and everyone knows that the peak hour will occur between 6pm and 7pm, but then everyone reduces their usage during this hour, the peak hour then moves to another hour. In other words, it is not good enough to simply know that the peak is occurring today, you also need to know how everyone else in the market will respond so that you can predict the exact peak hour.

One alternative is to simply reduce your usage for the entire afternoon, which ensures that you hit the peak hour. However, this would either severely impact your production or it would limit your ability to reduce your electricity usage. Instead, EnPowered is able to estimate the exact hour with a high degree of accuracy, allowing your business to increase its demand response efforts for one hour and increase your savings through the ICI Program.

For example, the graph below outlines the difference between the IESO’s predictions and EnPowered’s predictions for September 26th of 2017. You can see that the IESO predicted the peak would happen at 7pm, and the market reduced its electricity usage at 7pm so much that it actually created two peaks at 5pm and 8pm respectively. EnPowered predicted these two peaks 24 hours in advance, and our customers were prepared to reduce their electricity usage accordingly.

EnPowered Energy Retailer Day Actual Ontario Demand

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