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Customized Solutions

With customized advice to fit each business, and advanced software
to predict the energy markets, EnPowered's average enterprise customer

saves $250,000 per year


Energy Market Predictions

See what will happen in the energy market over a week in advance, allowing you to avoid costly energy peaks

More Accurate than the IESO

EnPowered's electricity demand predictions are over 50% more accurate than the IESO's predictions

Demand Response Predictions

During peak days in Ontario, see how the Ontario market will respond before it happens


Monthly Reports

Receive monthly EnPowered Savings Reports that clearly outline how much your business is saving

Transparent Results

Every number used in your EnPowered Savings Reports is either publicly available or can be found on your electricity bills

Personalized Portal

Access your usage, rate, cost, and savings data anytime and anywhere through your personalized EnPowered Energy Portal


Get Personalized Advice

Using your historical usage information, get a personalized audit report to outline where you can find savings

Catch Billing Mistakes

We can reveal mistakes in your energy bills that could be costing you thousands of dollars every month

Create the Perfect Plan

Based on your business' goals, build the perfect energy plan to minimize your overhead costs


Predict Peak Hours

Within the ICI Program, our industry leading predictions will help you see which hour is the true peak hour

Avoid False Peak Days

We accurately predict Ontario's true electricity usage, so you only have to reduce your usage 10 days per year to catch all the peak days

Advance Warning

Know when a peak day is coming days before the rest of the market does, allowing you to maximize your demand response efforts

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In a single meeting, EnPowered's team will audit your energy bills
and create a customized solution to maximize your energy savings.